Your Results Are Your Certification

Angela Henry
2 min readMar 20, 2021
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

“Your Results Are Your Credentials". I read this quote today from an online mentor of mine. He was speaking to the fact that you don’t need to be an certified expert in something to have credibility, your experience, your mistakes, your success, those are the things that make you credible.

This inspired me because there are times I feel that if you don’t have a long track record of successful results, you will not be taken seriously. But that’s not true.

For example, I am a mother of three children. My husband and I have raised them together through some difficult times. We have learned many things as parents that could not be taught in a book or was not passed down from older generations. This, I feel makes me an expert on motherhood. Do I know everything, no. But I know many things. There is a lot of valuable information that I can give to expectant mothers or current mothers based on what we have experienced. My children are not perfect and I do not expect them to be but I believe with the help of God, we have raised good children.

I am also a wife of almost 16 years. When we were engaged, I remember vividly a counsellor told me that the first three months of marriage would be hell. And yes, there were things we have to learn in the early years and we did. We learned how to understand and communicate with one another. We learned what things are worth having a discussion (or argument) for. Am I a certified marriage counsellor? No. Can I help others with their marriage concerns? Yes I can because I have done it with success.

My business is still very new and I am learning and growing as I go but each victory, each mistake builds my portfolio of experiences- my results-my certification.

We cannot be so quick to dismiss what we have been through because we may not have degrees or letters after our names. What we have to offer the world through our products, our experiences is value.



Angela Henry

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