You Need A “Why” When Becoming An Entrepreneur

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Every year many persons start a new business for various reasons. Some may start because of the dream to become wealthy, some because of a need to provide for their family and others because they feel they have something to share for with the world.

Whatever the reason is, it has to be clear. For me, I became an entrepreneur for my family. When COVID hit in March 2020, I lost my job. It was only supposed to be temporary but it became permanent. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I took it as the push I needed. I knew that I always wanted to be available to my children and becoming self-employed was the best solution. I had a product that I knew would help my family and other families so I seized the opportunity to make it a reality.

The WHY for me, is my family.

You need to have a why because starting a business is not going to be easy. The statistics for start ups are not very encouraging — 20% of new businesses fail in the first year. You’ve (I’ve) got to be determined to be in the 80% that make it. Knowing and repeating your “why” when sales don’t come in as expected or you are faced with unexpected expenses, will keep you in the game and pushing forward.

I haven’t been in business for a very long time compared to others, but I have already faced difficult challenges from funds to software issues to low sales. As frustrating as it has been, the reminder of why I am doing this keeps me motivated.

Having a clear focus will also increase your faith that it will happen. You won’t let your dream die so easily when you have a purpose behind your business. The increase in finances is great, but knowing that your family will be secure from your efforts will be that much more rewarding.

I’ve written my goals and put them up on my wall where I can see them everyday. I want and need that reminder.

I wish everyone much success on their journey!

Wife and Mom to three wonderful kids. Believer. Entrepreneur

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Angela Henry

Angela Henry

Wife and Mom to three wonderful kids. Believer. Entrepreneur

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