Why Entrepreneurs Need A Mentor

I remember when I started to have my children, it meant everything to have people around me that I could look to for guidance. Having my mother, mother-in-law and siblings there to share their experiences meant more to me than any book could have ever given.

Even in my Christian faith, having mentors is so important. They are there to help us grow in our ministry and provide valuable insight.

So, if I am going to have mentors in these areas in my life, wouldn’t it make sense to have a mentor as a start up entrepreneur? Absolutely.

No matter how long we may have been in business school or studied courses online, reality and theory are two different things. Having someone you can reach out to whether in person or online is an invaluable tool to have. Here are some reasons why:

Learn from their mistakes and experiences. A successful business owner didn’t just arrive at the level of success they currently have. There were many lessons they had to learn along the way. Failures and achievements that they experienced are one of the best ways for you to learn. Be a good student. Take notes and ask questions. Most likely your mentor will not charge you for the information, so you will be getting great knowledge for free.

They can offer advice and encouragement. Ever get stuck on a problem? Not sure if that idea is a good business move? A mentor can let you know which direction to take based on their knowledge. When times get tough, a good mentor will be there to provide support and to listen. Knowing someone is rooting for you can make all the difference when you may feel like giving up.

You can grow your social network. Your mentor no doubt will have gained many connections during their time as a business owner. They will be invested in your success and will lead you and connect you to the right people who can help you thrive in your business.

Finding a good mentor right away may not come easy but they are out there and it can make a huge difference in your success.



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Angela Henry

Angela Henry

Wife and Mom to three wonderful kids. Believer. Entrepreneur