The Power of Visualization

Angela Henry
2 min readMar 13, 2021


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“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination” — Albert Einstein.

This quote is about visualization. Visualization is “the formation of a mental image of something”. In other words, it is not just imagining something or daydreaming. Visualization starts with a clearly defined goal and backed by dedication and hard work.

The Bible states, “now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. You hope for, visualize something, and that is the evidence of something not yet materialized but seen in your mind. This is a powerful tool.

When you can do this, it will motivate you when things get hard. Visualization will allow you to focus on your goals when they seem like it may not happen.

Many athletes have used the power of visualization to help them in their sports. Michael Phelps said he uses it as mental preparation. We can all see that it helped him tremendously as he is the World Olympian.

You need to visualize your goals or dreams every day. See and believe it as if it has already happened. It’s been said that your brain does not understand the difference between something you imagine and reality. So if you already see it as there, then you know that it will happen.

For me, visualization and faith are one and the same. Many may disagree but when I use faith to believe that something will happen, I too am seeing what I am hopeful for and know that it will happen. My faith in God keeps me grounded. When I ask of Him in prayer, work hard on my goals, my confidence and trust grows.

If my goal is to get a house, I see myself in that house. I can vividly imagine the rooms and even the decor. If I desire to have a successful business, I need to see myself there; see myself building networks and attaining customers or clients. Now faith without works is dead. That means that seeing is not enough. You have to put action behind your thoughts, whether it be training, studying or saving towards that house.

Believing alone does not guarantee what you want. As I said before, you need to work hard, focus and the goals you desire can become a reality.



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