My Facebook Ads Were Shut Down…Again

Should I be getting used to this? Not sure. I’ve heard that this happens quite often to entrepreneurs using ads to promote their products but naively I never thought it would happen to me this much.

Facebook has the right to shut down ads at any time if they feel it goes against their polices, which is absolutely fair. They are doing their best to ensure that users have a positive experience when browsing. If anything on your ad raises a “red flag”, your ads will be shut down and will not run until you correct the problem. However, even if the ad is corrected, that does not guarantee that your ad will be approved and your account reactivated.

Having said that, Facebook support is awesome. The times I have contacted them, they have been more than helpful and even gave tips to help me in the future. They explained that an automated system checks for flags and automatically rejects ads that may or may not comply with policies. Once this happens, reach out to support to have them manually inspect your account and determine the status.

I have realized more and more the importance of not having all of my eggs in one basket. My goal was to focus on one social media platform and be an expert so to speak, at it before moving on to the next one, but if (God-forbid) my account gets shut down permanently, what do I do then? Having multiple avenues to advertising is a wise thing to do. Focusing on one as my main source and using others with smaller accounts is a route I am now focusing on. I am also diving more into free advertising to help curb costs.

Being an entrepreneur means finding a solution to problems that present themselves. Getting frustrated is not going to solve anything. How can I learn from this and get better? Remembering my “why” is what fuels me to not give up when obstacles present themselves.



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Angela Henry

Angela Henry

Wife and Mom to three wonderful kids. Believer. Entrepreneur