Adjusting Your Business Goals With Your Life

As I started my business, I was and still am so excited. I have my goals clearly defined and am always looking and adjusting things as needed.

As an online e-commerce business, most of business comes from running ads on various platforms and driving customers to my sales funnel. To run ads, you need money. This is where the adjusting comes.

When I first started out, I was able to budget a certain amount towards testing and running my advertisements. I am learning from Russell Brunson and following his marketing strategies in his SECRETS book series. Growing a business does not happen overnight and sometimes it means cutting back at certain times.

This is one of those times. Admittedly, I am not generating the sales that I was anticipating. I know it’s coming. My testing has shown that my customer is not responding to the ads I’m running so I need to test more. Unfortunately, my advertisement budget is running very low.

So, my goals for the near future has changed. My budget costs have to be reduced to allow me to run it but at minimal cost. We need to learn to be flexible. I could be very discouraged right now and feel as if my business is not working. I know it is because I am getting traffic, I just need more.

Until my sales increase, I will keep testing on my minimized budget until I find the ad that works and start scaling.

My experience is growing and so am I.

Wife and Mom to three wonderful kids. Believer. Entrepreneur